Gloria Stuart


  1. Joan Bennett, The Man Who Reclaimed His Head, 1933.      A blonde Bennett took over from Stuart in Claude Rains’ first outing since The Invisible Man. Despite the title and studio (Universal), this is not a horror story. Just horrible as pacifist Colman tackles warmongering politicos who lie… (No! Say it isn’t so!).
  2. Judith Allen, This Day and Age, 1933.      The forgotten  Cecil B DeMille film – his only gangster talkie – has crimelord Charles Bickford taken down by the LA High School student body. And this is she…!  A goody-two-shoes turning slut to distract the baddy’s henchman, who’s very keen until finding she’s a virgin.  “I like my olives green… but I don’t pick ’em myself.”  Grace Bradley was favoured for the role, then Gloria, until director CB set his glance upon a model-turning-actress Mari Coleman. He billed her as Judith Allen – and was furious when the papers told him she wasn’t the virgin he wanted but a wrestler’s wife! He then, so legend has it, ruined her career.  Sixty-five years later, at age 88, Gloria was the oldest actress ever nominated for  an  Oscar – for Titanic.  She carried on working until 2004. The secret of her longevity was the same as Ernest Borgnine’s. A  devotion to masturbation.

 Birth year: 1910Death year: 2010Other name: Casting Calls:  2