Gloria Vanderbilt

1. – Phyllis Kirk, Johnny Concho, 1956. Frank Sinatra loved projects jettisoned by Marlon Brando – including this New York society beauty, the great-great-grand-daughter of the Vanderbilt fortune. After a one-nighter with Brando, “Sinatra exploded into my life like a firecracker.” He ended her marriage (to Leopold Stokowski) with a three-movie deal. The first was “a  trashy Western, not in  the same  league as High Noon as I’d been led to believe.”

2. – Natalie Wood, Kings Go Forth, 1958. The second Artanis (Sinatra backwards) production was better, but she had already returned to director  Sidney Lumet.  He became her next husband  even though  “he didn’t want to be in love ever again with an actress” after Rita Gam, during 1949-54.

3. – Angie Dickinson, Ocean’s Eleven, 1960. After quitting Ole Blue Eyes, –  “Mafia-dark and Clark Kent-light… Clark always winning” –  Gloria made her sole film, The Young Doctors, 1961, with Fredric March, Ben Gazzara… narrated by Ronald Reagan.


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