Glyn Owen


  1. Glyn Houston, Doctor Who# 87: The Hand of Fear, TV, 1976.      One Glyn for another… as Professor Prof Watson. He was recompensed with Rohm-Dutt in Doc4 Tom Baker’s tale on the third moon of Delta Magna in #102: The Power of Kroll, 1978-1979 “I may look tough, but basically I’m a pussycat,” said Owen about his 1956-2000 career.
  2. Michael Robbins, Doctor Who #119: The Visitation, TV, 1982.     One of Doc5 Peter Davison’s three favourite tales, although Robbins hated his rôle as much as scenarist Eric Saward disliked the performance. Also up for Richard Mace were such regulars on the Whoverse casting (or dart) board as Bannen, John Carson, Frank Finlay, Ronald Fraser, Donald Houston, William Lucas, and Donald Pleasence.

 Birth year: 1928Death year: 2004Other name: Casting Calls:  2