Grady Sutton

  1. Chill Wills, The Cardinal, 1963.     Back from Rome locations, producer-director-ogre Otto Preminger was shooting on the old To Kill A Mocking Bird set, with the veteran Sutton (in movies since 1925, including Otto’s A Royal Scandal, 1944) as the Southgern cleric, Monsignor Whittle. Top-billed Tom Tyron recalled Otto screaming and Sutton “shaking like a leaf.”   They broke for lunch. Tyron went back to complete the scene and found Wills in a clerical collar. “Good God! What are you doing here?” “They let Grady go.” And poor Tyron, similarly Otto-whipped on a daily basis, wished it was him. Assistant director Gerry O’Hara said Otto literally destroyed Tyron.

 Birth year: 1906Death year: 1955Other name: Casting Calls:  1