Grayson Hall

  1. Ruth Gordon, Inside Daisy Clover, 1964.     The suits wanted Hall as Daisy’s quirky mother. But Natalie Wood (playing the 15-year-old at 27!) had become friends with Gordon and insisted she play Mom. Gordon was 68, which means she had Daisy at age 55. Yeah, sure. Hall was later Dr Julia Hoffman in Dark Shadows for a few weeks that lasted 475 episodes through 1967-1971.
  2. Joan Crawford, I Saw What You Did, 1964.    Hall passed.  She soon enough had her own  horror soap, Dark Shadows, 1966-1971), Crawford took over one rapid month after the mystery “ailment” casuing her to quit Hush… Hush, Sweet Charlotte, when she was only suffering from Bette Davisitis!  Joan was paid $50,000 for nine screen minutes shot over four days. And seat-bel;ts were attached tio  cinema seats to avoid the public being  “shocked out of your seat.” 
  3. Kate Reid, This Property Is Condemned. 1965.  Natalie Wood got her way about  working  again with Robert Redford, just months after their Inside Daisy Clover. However, she did not win the battle for her mother. Nat wanted the great French Oscar-winner Simone Signoret  after Grayson Hall and Vivien Leigh passed. Redford seemed more in charge. He suggested the director, Sydney Pollack – the first of their seven movies. And they worked togethetr on beefing up the mother’s role until ”we found something shootable.  Not necessarily Tennessee Williams but shootable.”  Sort of
  4. Anne Bancroft, The Graduate, 1967.     




 Birth year: 1922Death year: Other name: 1985Casting Calls:  4