Guy Bedos

  1. Jean-Claude Brialy, L’Ami de la famille, France, 1957. All the new young turks were testing: Bedos, Jeran-Pierre Cassel and  Brialy… “winning my first  real film, my first real role.”
  2. Thierry Lhermitte, L’annee prochaine si tout va bien, France, 1981.  Stand-up  Bedos and Marlene Jobert dumped Jean-Loup Hubert’s first script. He moved up to Adjani  and Lhermitte  – and they let him direct. Not necessarily a good idea.
  3. Roland Giraud, Trois hommes et un couffin, France, 1985.  “I knew it would succeed but spent four months waiting for producers and other actors to believe it, as well.  But director Coline Serreau was ‘dangerous’ to them.  Nobody dared take it on. By the time [producer]  Jean-Francois Lepetit did,  I was off on tour.” 
  4. Jean Poiret, Le Miracule, France, 1987.    “Bunuel should have made it “ said  Jean-Pierre Mocky, who did.  Speaking of whom…
  5. Jean-Pierre Mocky, Le mari de Léon  (Léon’s Husband),  France, 1992.    Eternal rivals Jean-Paul Belmondo and Alain Delon refused. Likewise Guy Bedos, Richard Bohringer, Bernard Giradeau and acteur-realisateurRobert Hossein. So Mocky took on the role. “With laughter, like desire, you can’t cheat,” commented Bedos, a French stand-up icon.  “When Mocky says: ‘I’m funny,  look  how funny I am,’  it makes me think of an ugly stripteaser going: Look, how beautiful I am.”
  6. Richard Anconina, La vérité si je mens  (Would I Lie To You?), France, 1997.   Realisateur Thomas Gilou’s comedy about the mainly Jewish garment district of Paris was the sleeper of the year.


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