Harold Goodwin

1. – Gary Cooper, The Winning of Barbara Worth, 1926. Not a name to be found in many cinencyclopedias, but because (a) he was delayed on director Ernst Lubitsch’s The Honeymoon Express and (b) producer Samuel Goldwyn’s secretary, Valeria Belletti, had a crush on a tall, rangy cowboy fella… Goodwin was out and Coop was in!   Minus Goodwin for a studio scene before the Nevada locations, director Henry King had Coop dressed in his clothes:   “All   you have   to do is keep your eyes on Vilma Banky.”   He did that earnestly enough to to be given a more crucial scene, including a close-up.   Goldwyn went mad:   “No damn cowboy can play it.” After spying on the shooting, Goldwyn expoloded anew:   “He’s the greatest   actor I’ve ever seen in my   life…   An unintentional actor.   He never gives the impression of giving a performance.”


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