Harry Carey

  1. Otto Kruger, Saboteur, 1942.     Hitchcock aimed to shock…  Carey was a US icon, in movies from DW Griffith to Elia Kazan, responsible for John Ford’s career, and probably the finest (if largely B movie) cowpoke of ‘em all:  William S Hart meets Will Rogers.  “The Bright Star of the early western sky,” said  Ford’s tribute at the start of his 3 Godfathers re-make, 1948. Hitch simply wanted him to play a Nazi heavy! Sure, said Carey. No, said his indignant wife, Olive: Your  fans will never accept it. You’re the President of the Senate now [Mr Smith Goes To Washington, 1939]and  John Wayne’s father [The Shepherd of the Hills, 1941]. Hitch gave in, after also losing Gary Cooper and Barbara Stanwyck.

 Birth year: 1878Death year: 1947Other name: Casting Calls:  1