Harry Hamlin

  1. Nicholas Clay, Lovespell, 1978. Hamlin had been offered two sword and sandal roles – Tristan in love with Isolde, the chosen bride of  Lord Mark of Cornwall – or Perseus in Clash of the Titans..  So which role? No, he said, which co-star: Richard Burton or Laurence Olivier.  He didn’t need to toss a coin. He chose Lord Larry as the greater of the two actors. Harry then fell sword over sandal for his co-star Ursula Andress. They had a son together: , Dmitri Alexandre Hamilin, on May 19, 1980. Their film was shot in 1978 but not released until  1981 – as it took Ray Harryhausen three years to complete the painstaking stop-motion effects
  2. Sylvester Stallone, First Blood (Rambo), 1981.
  3. Christophe(r) Lambert, Greystoke: The Legend of Tarzan, Lord of the Apes ,1983.  Hamlin says he lost Tarzan among other roles after playing a gay writer in Making Love in 1981. “It was 10 years too early, I guess, and it completely ended my career. That was the last studio picture I ever did. The door shut with a resounding smash.” And this after Warner Bros had offered him “the Clint” – a three-picture contract named after Clint Eastwoood’s deal. The first two films were to be Greystoke and First Blood, the first Rambo movie. Robert Towne’s choice was the French Laurence Malet,  when due to direct his own script. Nearly on the vine for the next director Hugh Hudson (from Chariots of Fire) were: Hollywood hunks Richard Gere, Viggo Mortensen;   two other French guys:  Patrick Norbert, Lambert Wilson; and…  and… Rupert Everett!  Lambert nearly quit


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