Harry Reems

  1. Sid Caesar, Grease, 1977.      After a Casablanca screening at the Playboy Mansion, flamboyant producer Allan Carr asked a funny guy he’d met there to play Coach Calhoun. Could have been the beginning of a beautiful friendship. Except the funny fella was Shakesperian actor (and ex-Marine) Herb Streicher, aka Harry Reems, America’s #1 porno stud in Deep Throat, The Devil In Miss Jones, Memories Within Miss Aggie, Sometime Sweet Susan, etc. “It was the 70s, anything goes,” explained director Randall Kleiser.  “Porn stars were becoming somewhat accepted in media. I didn’t think it would be a problem.” Paramount did. “They bounced me out of the cast,” Harry told me in New York.“Thought they might lose some playdates in the South.” Carr felt so badly about the matter, he gave Reems $5,000.

 Usual occupation: Porno StarBirth year: 1947Death year: 2013Other name: Casting Calls:  1