Howard Stern

  1. Gilbert Gottfried, The Adventures of Ford Fairlane 1989.       Exercising his imagined superstar power, stand-up comic Andreew Dice Clay insisted on shock-jock Stern being auditioned for Johnny Crunch. He did. He didn’t get the role. And once the fillm opened, Clay was more superflop than superstar. He finally made good in Woody Allen’s Blue Jasmine, 2012.
  2. Leo Geter, Halloween: The Curse of Michael Myers, 1994.      The sixth in the series had a (too) perfect role for   US radio star Stern. A  shock-jock with (originally) the initials  HS.
  3. Adam Sandler, Dirty Work, 1997.       The US radio devil was offered a cameo appearance as Satan but turned it down.
  4. Cillian Murphy, Batman, 2004.
  5. Billy Bob Thornton, School For Scoundrels, 2005.    The suggested use of shock-jock Stern as the guru giving lessons on Stephen Potter’s famed Lifemanship lessons is full proof that this disastrous re-tread had zero connection with the 1959 UK original. With Stern as Dr P, “oneupmanship” would have taken on whole new meaning. Then again, the choice of BBT as the now foul-mouthed Dr P (for Potter) was, said UK critic Philip French, “rather like casting Burt Reynolds as Bertrand Russell.”
  6. Robin Williams, Man of the Year, 2006. Ditto. Or scared of another perfect role him – a late-night political talk show host deciding, for a lark, to run for president. And he wins!   
  7. Reno Wilson, Transformers, 2007.     Stern was asked to voice Frenzy as Michael Bay’s source-material reached the nadir – toys! The kind said the critic Roger Ebert “that twist and fold and double in upon themselves, like a Rubik’s Cube crossed with a contortionist.” Or to put it another way… ugh!



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