Hugh Griffith


  1. Lionel Jeffries, Camelot, 1966.  For the lush  film version of the Lerner and Loewe musical about the eternal triangle of King Arthur, his wife Guenevere and the randy French knight Lancelot, Griffith (54 and Oscar-winner for Ben-Hur in 1960)   was tfirst choice for  the elderly  King Pellinore. Second and winning choice, Lionel Jeffries, a superb UK character actor, was  all of 40.  
  2. Richard Attenborough, Doctor Dolittle, 1967.  Both Griffith and Peter Bull were in the mix for circus owner Albert Blossom – and turned down for the same reason. Booze. Attenborough was another Blossom that year, as Shirley MacLaine’s husband in The Bliss of Mrs Blossom.
  3. Hugh Burden, The House in Nightmare Park, 1973.   …and even a daffy Frankie Howerd comedy.   With Ray Milland!
  4. Robert Shaw, The Sting, 1973.   Not happy with Richard Boone or Stephen Boyd as the stung, the three producers gave George Roy Hill   a   list   of acceptable Brits: Griffith, Olivier – and Shaw, who was secretly shown the script by Paul Newman while shooting in Britain.   LA wanted “greatness.” Shaw gave   “really the most intellectual performance I’ve   ever   done.”   Oh really?



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