Hugh Herbert

  1. Matt Moore, Consolation Marriage, 1930.      The Colonel was hardly an important character in the (pre-Code days) Depression days’ tale of Irene Dunne and Pat O’Brien’s open marriage (just friends – yet resulting in a baby!). But it went from silent movie villain Moore (he has a star at 6301 Hollywood Boulevard; his cats, often in his movies, have one, too, in the animal section) to Herbert, an actor-playwright, famous for playing tycoons or professors forever going “Whoo-whoo!” in many of his 115 movies, mainly shorts, during 1927- 1952.
  2. Etienne Girardot, The Kennel Murder Case, 1932.      Change of Dr Doremus (!) in William Powell’s fourth and final fling as SS Van Dine’s (actually, Willard Huntingdon Wright’s) snobbish, cynical bored, supercilious, dilettante sleuth Philo Vane. You want the full Philo facts? During 15 films, he was played by ten actors. Powell was best. (But better as The Thin Man!).
  3. Thomas Mitchell, It’s a Wonderful Life, 1946. 

 Birth year: 1884Death year: 1952Other name: Casting Calls:  3