Hugues Aufray

  1. Sami Frey, La verité, France, 1960.      After three days of tests, the French Bob Dylan won the lead role – opposite Brigitte Bardot  – from all the other guys of the hour. However (and just like another French singer, Serge Reggiani), Aufray  couldn’t stand the “violence” of bombastic director Henri-Georges s Clouzot – and split. “He was ill-mannered and his direction was like rape…  I told him: Either I smash you in the face or I leave.”  He left   and after a 1967 tele-film, Le Lapin de Noël, 1967, Aufray left acting alone (“I have more freedom as a singer”) until popping up in the French soap, Sous le soleil, in 2006 and playing almost himself in  Avis de mistral, 2013.  His  sister, Pascale Audret, was much busier – 53 screen roles during 1954-1995.


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