Ian Hunter

  1. Errol Flynn, Captain Blood,1935.      The South African born Britested with other contract players like Flynn and George  Brent, during his first year at Warners.   Hunter was something of a Brian Aherne Mk 2.  They both played English kings,  Hunter was Edward IV, Aherne was King Arthur – twice.  Hunter started in UK silents, including three for Hitchcock during 1926-1927: The Ring, Downhill and Easy Virtue – which featured Hitch’s first walk-on: carrying a walking stick as he strolled by a tennis court.
  2. Lee Bowman,  We Were Dancing, 1941.  The Cape Towner  was seen for “the guy who gets jilted… twice” in the MGM froth based on a couple  of one-act Noel Cowar: plays. The kind that has Norma Shearer telling Melvyn Douglas: “Most marriages are prose but ours will be poetry, darling.” 
  3. Paul  Henreid, Casablanca, 1941.


 Birth year: 1900Death year: 1975Other name: Casting Calls:  3