Ina Balin

  1. Natalie Wood, Marjorie Morningstar, 1957.   Caught in the flak of Jennifer Jones, 38, versus Natalie Wood, 19, for the unknown actress on the rise. No matter, Wood’s co-star was Gene Kelly… was playing 32 at 45.  Hey, ’twas the fag-end of the 50s.
  2. Diane Varsi, Compulsion, 1958.    Fox hailed Balin among of its “most promising new talents” and then dumped her from this take on the 1924  Leopold-Loeb murder case.By making her “ethnic role” of Ruth Goldenberg into Ruth Evans and giving her to a similar promising talent – Peyton Place’s Varsi. Balin was fobbed off with almost a walk-on. Uncredited, as well.
  3. Natalie Wood, West Side Story, 1960.   Lookalikes Balin v Wood again, and the champion retained the title…  and felt so pretty as Maria. As long as  Marni Nixon  did the singing. Working with everyone from John Wayne to Elvis Presley, Sophia Loren to Angela Lansbury,  Brooklyn’s Balin completed 71 screen roles during 1956-1988.

 Birth year: 1937Death year: 1990Other name: Casting Calls:  3