Jack Coleman

  1. John Wesley Shipp, The Flash, TV, 1990-1991.   The tube version of DC Comics’ forensic scientist Barry Allen –  super speedy being struck by lightning and doused by chemicals (not his day, was it!) – was originally aimed at Coleman. He didn’t fancy tights so the pilot was penned for Richard Burgi by exec producers Danny Bilson and Paul De Meo – but finally played by Shipp. He later portrayed his own father, Henry, in the 2014 revamp series, starring Grant Gustin. From Norfolk, Virginia – just like Shipp.  Burgi guested as Deadly Nightshade in 1991. The show quickly died from a $1.5m per chapter budget and no audience to speak of.  Well, it was up against two family shows: Bill Cosby’s and The Simpsons.

  2. Stephen Colbert, Mr Peabody & Sherman, 2013.    The CBS Late Show host Colbert, Coleman, Damian Lewis and Jason Segel were seen – and heard – by DreamWorks for Paul Peterson in the toon tale of Mr P, the most amazing dog in history:  inventor, scientist, Noble laureate, gourmet chef, business tycoon, double Olympic gold medalist. With its own time machine. Plus an adopted human son!

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