Jacques Dufilho

  1. Michel Galabru, Le juge et l’assassin (The Judge and the Assasin), France, 1975. What a role to lose…! And to a comic! The serial rapist and killer, since bitten by a rabid dog, raped by a priest, ruined in an insane asylum and rejected by every woman on his planet, was Galabru’s breakthrough – leading to a career of 290 films during 1949-2015.
  2. Arno Chevrier, Iznogoud (Iznogoud – Caliph Instead of the Caliph), France, 2004.   The Grand Vizir of the Caliph of old Baghdad was co-created in French comicbooks by René Goscinny (of Asterix fame). He also co-wrote the first movie script with auteur Pierre Tcherina in 1972 – “no deal – just for fun” – aimed at everyone b from Vittorio Gassman to Peter Sellers.  With Dufilho or Jean-Pierre Marielle in the mix for Dilat Laraht. The 2004 version aimed much lower. 

 Birth year: 1914Death year: 2005Other name: Casting Calls:  2