Jamel Debbouze

  1. Gad Emelah, La doublure, (US: The Valet), France-Italy-Belgium, , 2005.     The #1 French comedy auteur Francis Veber had the choice of top stand-up/movie stars/copains for the latest incarnation of his comic character François Pignon, played by everyone from Daniel Auteuil  and Jacques Brel to Pierre Richard and Jacques Villeret. This time, schedules decided it would be … by Gad!.
  2.  Danny Boon, Micmacs à tire-larigot, France, 2008.     One comic for another. Much difference? “Not a big one,” said auteur Jean-Pierre Jeunet, who had chosen the funny, one-armed Jamel for La fabuleux destin d’Amélie. seven years before. “They come from the same suburban background. the difference is merely physical – one is a shrimp, the other is a teddy-bear.”He could have added: oneis funny, the other thinks he is.
  3. Tahar Rahim, Un Prophète, France-Italy, 2008.     He refused autuer Jacques Audiard’s frighteningly violence account of how a skinny, young French Arab kid, is totally dehumanised by prison. Not by the warders but by Niels Astrteup, the Mafiosa really running the joint. 



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