James Avery

  1. Ken  Moree, The Devil’s Rejects, 2004.  The great Avery was considered and lucky to be overlooked for  Charlie Altamont in what Chicago critic  Roger Ebert called “a gaudy vomitorium of a movie… it starts at icky and descends relentlessly through depraved and nauseating to the embrace of road kill.”  Will Smith  called Avery  his acting mentor. They were uncle and   nephew for all 147 episodes  of The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, 1990-1996, when Smith was a rapper with no drama training and needed al the help he could get.  
  2. Kevin Michael Richardson, American Dad!  TV, 2005-2020.  After six years stas Will Smith’s uncle andpatriarch, Judge Philip Banks, on The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, 1990-1996), Avery was the perfect choice for Principal Lewison. Except he didn’t  think so. Enter: KMR. By 2020, he had 537 screen credits mostly as the TVoices of… Batman, Beast Man, Buzz Buzzard, Chicken Nugget, Diddlysaurus, Doctor Fate, Groot, Jabba The Hut, a Jo’nn J’onzz, Lord Felldrake Sheldgoose… and even Bill Cosby!

 Birth year: 1945Death year: 2013Other name: Casting Calls:  2