James Bell

  1. Ward Bond, On Dangerous Ground, 1950.       Lee J Cobb, Howard Da Silva, Albert Dekker plus the unknowns Bell and Rhys Williams were up for Walter Bent in the snowy mountain thriller – co-directed by Nicholas Ray and a un-credited Ida Lupino…who also played the blind Mary. In all, London’s Lupino helmed 41 films and TV shows during 1949-1968 when Hollywood women were just supposed to pout, pirouette and pucker up.   Bell won 151 other screen roles.  Ironically (or maybe not so…), Bond was one of the right-winger bigots who helped put Cobb, Da Silva (and so many others) on the ignoble Hollywood blacklist.

 Birth year: 1891Death year: 1973Other name: Casting Calls:  1