James Brown

  1. John Archer, Shantytown, 1942. Not The Godfather of Soul…Despite the titular setting, here was slightly up-market Republic fare – changing the leading man from Brown to Archer… who just happened to have an actress wife who could be his screen missus: Marjorie Lord (The parents of Ann Archer, Mrs Jack Ryan in two Harrison Ford thrillers and, of course, Mrs Michael Douglas in Fatal Attraction).
  2. Dennis O’Keefe, The Story of Dr Wassell, 1943. When first choices Alan Ladd and Robert Preston joined the real WWII… Brown, Dana Andrews, Alan Baxter, Michael O’Shea, Walter Reed, Barry Sullivan, Richard Whorf were also seen for Hoppy Hopkins. The wounded sailor inspired to live by the love of Carol Thurston’s native nurse,Tremartini, inevitably nicknamed Three Martini. For his 96 screen roles, the Texan Brown has also been credited as… JB Brown, James Bowen Brown, James L Brown, Jim L Brown, Jimmy Brown and Jim Brown!

 Birth year: 1920Death year: 1992Other name: Casting Calls:  1