James Dunn

  1. Spencer Tracy, Me and My Gal, 1931.     Said the waitress to the cop: “If you’re gonna kiss me like that, you’re gonna have to marry me.” Tracy heard about the sexy comedy being setup at Fox for Dunn and Sally Eilers, and said: Hey, why not do that with me and Joan Bennett. Done deal. They went on, of course, to two Father (and mother) of The Bride films in the 50s.
  2. Gene Raymond,  Sadie McKee, 1933.      For the glib vaudevillian who brings Joan  Crawford to the Big Bad Apple and dumps her for Esther Ralston, director Clarence Brown also saw Leif Erickson, Arthur Jarrett, Donald Woods and Robert Young. Hollywood Reporter said: “Swell picture… sure-fire audience… the stuff the fans cry for…”

 Birth year: 1901Death year: 1967Other name: Casting Calls:  2