James Hayden

  1. Steven Bauer, Scarface, 1983.     Al Pacino’s protege – “the best young actor I saw”  –  won  four movies only (Cruising,  Once Upon A Time In America, etc).  “A  terrific actor,” agreed producer Martin Bregman, “but wrong for this  part.”  During the  third week of his  American  Buffalo‘s off-Broadway run with Pacino,  Hayden OD’d at 29.  “I loved him,” said Al. “I’ve been around awhile, seen a lot. But Jimmy, he had this thing, whatever it is, that sort of set him apart. His death reached a  lot of people.  And it did change a bit, a little bit, the way I’m thinking  about things. That, I can’t deny.”


 Birth year: 1953Death year: 1983Other name: Casting Calls:  1