Jamie Bell


  1. Sean Biggerstaff, Cashback, 2004.    Jamie, the once and forever Billy Elliott, in 2000, was top choice to be the over-imaginative, time-stopping hero of this Oscar-nominated short (18 minutes). A feature version in 2006 kept the same cast and, indeed, the entire short.
  2. Nicholas Hoult, A Single Man, 2008.     When Bell inexplicably failed to show for costume fittings five days before shooting, Hoult’s audition tape was recalled by the new auteur – US fashion icon Tom Ford,  producing his writer-directing debut. He  also paid for the entire movie. But didn’t (surprise, surprise), design the suits.
  3. Jesse Eisenberg, Zombieland, 2009.    Bell was up for the kid named Columbus – after his Ohio birthplace – wandering across a zombie-infested America. Then, he changed his mind. So did Taylor Lautner.
  4. Andrew Garfield, The Amazing Spider-Man, 2010.







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