Jan Francis

  1. Jennie Linden, Vampira (US: Old Drac), 1974. A TV drama date kept her away from being Angela. If she had made this terrible tosh,  she would never have been even considered, never mind selected  for Laurence Olivier’s daughter (Mina Van Helsing) in the much classier Dracula, 1978.
  2. Joanna Lumley, The New Avengers, TV, 1976-1977. “I really had to fight just to get an audition,” said Lumley. “They just refused to see me!” Wanting more of spy-fi hero John Steed, France and later Canada put £4m into a (short-lived) three-hander reboot of the TV classic. Patrick Macnee’s creaking Steed was now assisted by a younger guy and girl named (by Lumley) after the Purdey shotgun. Writer-producer Brian Clemens claimed he “seriously considered 700 girls, interviewed 200, read scripts with 40 and screen tested 15” – including Jan, Sarah Douglas, Gabrielle Drake, Prunella Gee, Lisa Harrow Barbara Kellerman, Diane Quick.

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