Jana Marie Hupp

  1. Debra Messing,  Ned and Stacy, TV, 1995-1997.  Strictly business. Ned needed a a wife to get promoted. Stacey needed an apartment. So they wed. Then, Thomas Hayden Church had a new wife, when Hupp was droppe – “she’s a best friend type , not a lead,” complained  Fox. Messing got the job. Or she did if she stuffed her bra! She agreed, fearing she’d get axed otherwise. No, but the show did after two seasons. Without messing around with her breasts, Debra had a huge hit in two runs of Will & Grace on NBC, 1998 –2006 and2017–2020. Greg Germann stole the Ned and Stacey the show,..  and Hupp continued in TV until 2016.

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