Jason Isaacs


  1. Pierce Brosnan, GoldenEye, 1995.
  2. Billy Zane,Titanic, 1996.
  3. Iain Glen, Resident Evil: Apocalypse, 2004.     Having had an uncredited role as Dr. William Birkin (the narrator) in Resident Evil, 2002,Isaacs was due to be seen Birkin this time
  4. Daniel Craig, The Golden Compass, 2006. Author Philip Pullman wanted Isaacs for Lord Asriel, Nicole Kidman as Mrs Coulter, Samuel L Jackson as Lee Scoresby. Over-ruled by each new director from Ridley Scott to, finally, Chris Weitz, except regarding Kidman, everyone’s first choice since 1996. Paul Bettany and Clive Owen were mulled over but Weitz preferred the new 007. Craig had beaten Owen to the Casino Royale – and 007 – reboot! On the West End stage, Asriel had been played by another 007. Timothy Dalton
  5. Kenneth Branagh, Wallander, TV, 2008-2010.    Several companies were trying to set up an English lingo series based on Henning Mankell’s Swedish cop, Kurt Wallander, of Ystad, near Malmö.   Movie actors Isaacs, Michael Gambon, Clive Owen were too busy. Branagh ran into the novelist at an Ingmar Bergman film festival and asked to play “this fascinatingly flawed but deeply human detective.”One of his most perfect screen roles – shot in Ystad, often at the same time as the Swedish TV series starring Krister Henriksson (and before him,Rolf Lassgård).
  6. Cillian Murphy, Retreat, 2010.    Last minute change of Thandie Newton’s husband – as the couple get away from it all… only to be followed by a fatal disease.
  7. Michael Nyqvist, John Wick, 2014.    Retired hitman Keanu Reeves  has no daughter, only a Beagle puppy, otherwise this is Taken 4, with Matrix choreographics. Liam Neeson is a better actor, smarter too. As web  critic Artas Belekoks explained Reeves is a ghost man, who can kill three man with a pencil, but overlooks brainless thugs breaking into his home to beat him up, kill his pooch and steal his wheels. And so it is the Swede not the Brit as the Russian Mafia chief who tells his dog-killing son:  “It’s not what you did that concerns me; but to whom.”






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