Jason Robards (Snr)

  1. Charles Bickford, Dynamites, 1929. Assistant director Mitchell Leisen made screen tests for Cecil B DeMille’s first all sound movie – on December 18, 1928.  For the leading man he filmed  Robartds (Junior’s father) Dean Jagger,  and future B-Western stars (CB had a thing about cowboy actors) Bob Custer, Buck Jones, Randolph Scott, Guinn ‘Big Boy’ Williams. To no avail.  CB played safe with theatre actors:  Charles Bickford opposite Kay Johnson’s debut. Bickford called the script a mess of corn with terrible dialogue. True enough – it flopped. Robards died after his 234th screen role; Junior Jason scored 132 roles during 1947-1999.

 Birth year: 1892Death year: 1963Other name: Casting Calls:  1