Jean-Paul Comart

  1. Frédéric Andréi, Diva, France, 1980.  For his first feature’s hero, Jean-Jacques Beineix wanted an unknown. (That way the director garners all the praise). Dominique Besnehard, soon to be Europe’s #1 casting director, suggested Christophe(r) Lambert (a friend for life), Anconina (not so much).  The also-rans were: Comart (ex-Connart), Richard Berry, Tchéky Karyo, Christophe Malavoy (“couldn’t take my  eyes off him,” when studying together at La Rue Blanche drama school,  cartoonist Sempé’s son, Nicolas.  And Pagny, the future singing star, found working in  the cloakrooms of the Broad gay nightclub.  JJB thought him perfect, his producteur Irène Silberman thought him too vulgaire.  “Rubbish,” said Besnehard, “look at him – the young Jean Gabin!”

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