Jeane Manson

  1. Lisbeth Hummel, La bête, France, 1975.     Bizarrre notion: Polish sensual artist Walerian Borowczyk and an ex-Playboy Playmate from Cleveland!   She fell ill after a few days and the Danish Hummel took over.  “And I knew nothing about the dream sequence, that was a shock to suddenly see that…”  That being the tumescent beast. (Manson later became a singer. In France).  Boro didn’t have much luck with American lasses. The next one was his comatose Emmanuelle V, Monique Gabriel, in 1986.  The  Penthouse Pet  of Kansas City was  peviously best known in LA as Angie Dickinson’s nude body double in Big Bad Mama II, 1986.


 Birth year: Death year: Other name: Usual occupation: SingerCasting Calls:  1