Jena Malone


  1. Liesel Matthews, Air Force One, 1996.       Malone felt acting could be her thing for a few years. “But it shows no sign of going away.”  Even after refusing to audition for films like this one – as President Harrison Ford’s daughter. It was her manager mother playing tough. Until Jena won her legal liberty in 2000 and had her mother banned from interfering with Jena’s career and income.
  2. Lindsay Lohan, The Parent Trap, 1997.   Disney scoured Atlanta, Chicago, London, Miami, Vancouver and (natch) LA to loate the twins – or split-screened actress – to be  Hallie and Annie. Not made easier by director Nancy Meyers insisting on “a little Diane Keaton. Diane’s so alive on screen and that’s what I wanted.”Contenders included: Scarlett Johansson, Jena Malone (refused three times before Disney got the message), Michelle Trachtenberg (who shared the twins’ birthday, October 12) and Mara Wilson was too young at ten. Lohan was 11 and stole a day off school…  to win her first movie.
  3. Bijou Phillips, Havoc, 2004.    As Emily, Jena was one of two “morally fluid” rich girls mixing it with East LA Latino gangs but quit when her friend and Saved co-star, Mandy Moore (as Allison), quit over sex scenes. They had been due for a naked scene together. The fluid quote is from my friend, Variety critic Lisa Nesselson. She also called the movie: Slumming For Dummies.
  4. Eva Rachel Wood, Pretty Persuasion, 2004.     ERW beat Jena for what could be called Cruella De Vil – The High School Years. ERW said she based Kimberly Jones on a girl at her school who “stabbed you in the back with a smile on [her] face.” Six years on, it was Malone who beat ERW to Sucker Punch.
  5. Lily Cole, The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus, 2007. Never good at picking actresses, director Terry Gilliam voted in the flame-haired model for Valentina (promised to the Devil at 16) over Jena, Gemma Arterton, Abbie Cornish,Romola Garai and Mia Wasikowska.
  6. Amber Tamblyn, 127 Hours, 2009.    In director Danny Boyle’s mix for  Megan in the true tale of Aron Ralston (James Franco) crushed in some Utah canyon for that length of time… and only escaping by sawing his right arm off. Who played Megan was is somewhat unimportant after that!



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