Jenna Coleman

  1. Marielle Jaffe, Scream 4, 2010.   The Blackpool beauty – a most successful  Doctor Who guest star – tried out for Olivia Morris in the return of Ghostface.
  2. Nina Toussaint-White, Doctor Who #219: Let’s Kill Hitler, TV, 2011.  Change of  Mels. Because Coleman (Jenna-Louise, at the time)  was fancied as the next  traveling rug for Doc11 Matt Smith. Or rugs…  She  was first seen as Oswin in #226: Asylum of the Daleks, 2012, then as Clara in #231: The Snowmen, 2012 – and for the  rest of the 2012-2013 season. Smith  loved her – “she gives him his mojo back.”

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