Joe Lara

  • Wolf Larson, Tarzan, Canada-France-Mexico, TV, 1991-1995     After being Tarzan in Manhattan for a CBS tele-movie, 1989, San Diego’s Joe Lara auditioned to to stay in the loin-cloth for this series.  He lost to the Berlin-born Wolf Larson – only to become the ape-man again in another series, Tarzan: The Epic Adventures, 1996-2000.  Wait…  it gets  worse.  Only Joe’s first season was aired in America… being replaced by… right!…  the second and third seasons of the Larson version.  French actress Lydie Denier co-starred in both series, as Larson’s Jane and Joe’s Olga de Coude. 

 Birth year: 1962Death year: 2021Other name: Casting Calls:  1