Joe Manganiello


  1. Jordi Caballero, Sublime, 2006. Poor Joe was all set to be the spiritual exorcist Friar Lazaro Mate, when he was called up to continue his 2001 Spider-Man role of Flash Thompson in Spider-Man 3. He couldn’t manage both gigs as he had to shear off his his long tresses and beard for his Spidey look. And that’s how he looked during his one day’s work back on Sublime… performing a breast augmentation, it says here, in a hallway. Don’t ask.
  2. Grant Bowler, True Blood, TV, 2008-2013. After auditioning for Cooter in the vampire series, Joe was given Alcide Herveaux, one of the few good werewolves… A much better gig for the Pittsburgher: 30 chapters to Coot’s seven.
  3. Henry Cavill, Man of Steel 2011.
  4. Oliver Hudson,  Scream Queens, TV, 2015.     When Manganiello had to quit due to, promoting Magic Mike XXL, Goldie Hawn’s son took over despite being in another series. Except the end of Nashville was nigh… Set in  a college campus hit a series of murders, the Queens included such horror musts Ariana Grande, Lea Michele, Emma Roberts and, of course, Jamie Lee Curtis. 
  5. Ben Affleck, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, 2015.  


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