John Archer

  1. Fred MacMurray, The Egg and I, 1946.     The Nebraskan called Bowman won a radio contest with other aspiring actors for an RKO contract in the name of Archer. (“I went from being a Bowman to an Archer!”). During 61 years, Anne Archer’s father won 146 screen credits. But not this one. However, he definitively voiced The Shadow on radio.
  2. Peter Hansen, When Worlds Collide, 1950.    Wandering star Bellus is on a collision course with earth… Having  starred in producer George Pal’s previous sf movie,  Destination Moon, Archer was a  shoo-in – until he was shooed out.   Hansen later joined General Hospital, 1963, with another Worlds alum Rachel Ames. 
  3. Arthur Franz, Invaders From Mars, 1952.    Despite being designed and directed by the mighty Thief of Bagdad and Gone With The Wind production designer William Cameron Menzies, this is z-alien stuff with, apparently, a different ending outside the US. No wonder Anne Archer’s father quit in the 60s, creating a successful trucking business with his brother. “I didn’t give the business up, it gave me up. I had a nice career and I felt that I should move along… I’d always go back and do a TV show if anybody hollered [he amassed 146 credits by 2003], but then I lost my agent and… became disenchanted.”

 Birth year: 1915Death year: 1999Other name: Casting Calls:  3