John Drew Barrymore

  1. Robert Brown, Star Trek: #27, The Alternative Factor, TV, 1967 (Stardate 3087.6).       Booked as Lazarus, a reality-jumping paranoid maniac, he had to frequently fade in and out of existence… And Barrymore did just that. As filming began, he was missing. Gone! Director Gerd Oswald had to find another actor in a hurry, the producers filed a complaint with SAG, the Screen Actors Guild union, which suspended John’s son/Drew’s dad for six months. This was his habit – as much as drugs was. He further embarrassed the clan with jail time for drunkenness and beating his actress wife, Cara Williams, before disappearing into a mystic, if not derelict life in the wild. Drew called their relationship abusive and chaotic, leading to her own booze and drugs issues at age 12. She still covered his bills for his final years in a home.

 Birth year: 1932Death year: 2004Other name: Casting Calls:  1