John Goddard

  1. Jud(son) Taylor, Attack, 1956.      A tough one to miss… Goddard, Tom Laughlin and Ralph Reed failed auditions to join director Robert Aldrich’s army in one of the most abrasive WWII movies, examining “the terribly corrupting influence that war can have on the most normal, average human beings.” That explained why no assistance from the US Army or Defense Department.
  2. Pernell Roberts, Bonanza, TV, 1959-1965.  Known from various Western series – from Wagon Train to The Rifleman – Goddard unwisely spurned an offer to play Adam, the oldest Cartwright son.  Cast, and crew would have preferred him to Roberts, a Shakesperian actor, who felt the show was beneath him. But it must be said that his #1 complaint (of many) the racist manner in  which  minorities were portrayed.

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