John Howard

  1. Robert Preston, Illegal Traffic, 1937.      The Ohioan Howard was in, then out and Preston was out, then in, as the undercover cop – unfortunately named Bent Martin – in the latest Paramount crime programmer. Based on “actual gleanings from insurance company records.”
  2. Ray Milland, I Wanted Wings, 1939.  Howard nearly became Jeff Young when Milland seemed bogged down with other Paramount duties. Yety, with a bound he was free to be the playboy training to be an US Army Air Corps pilot.
  3. Edmond O’Brien, A Guy, A Girl and a Gob, 1940.      A surprisingly handsome O’Brien took over the Guy from Howard – best remembered for Lost Horizon, 1936, The Philadelphia Story, Bulldog Drummond and later, for his WWII heroics in the US Navy.
  4. Fredric March, Victory, 1940. Joseph Conrad’s tropical island hermit called Hendrik Heyst was first to be played by John Howard as Paramount tried to make a star of him. Next came Charles Boyer and finally March. Cecil C De Mille rejected the project. “I managed to read it all…  Just not interesting enough to bother with a film.”  And yet the Harrison’s Reports called it “somewhat sordid… somewhat brutal.” So right up CB’s street!
  5. Frank Albertson, It’s a Wonderful Life, 1946. 

 Birth year: 1913Death year: 1995Other name: Casting Calls:  5