John Standing

  1. Terence Alexander, Doctor Who #139: The Mark of the Rani, 1984.        Standing, Joss Ackland, Harry Andrews, Bernard Archard, Robin Bailey, George Baker, Ian Bannen, Geoffrey Bayldon, John Carson, Peter Cushing, Allan Cuthbertson, Frank Finlay, Robert Flemyng, Michael Gough, Dinsdale Landen, TP McKenna, Donald Pickering, Peter Sallis, Patrick Stewart, Peter Vaughan… and the Z Cars cops James Ellis and Jeremy Kemp – these were the 23 contenders for Lord Ravenworth. Phew! Actually, Standing was the most perfect. He was the the fourth baronet in his family’s line   – of father, grandfather and great-grandfather, all actors. John never used his title, however.

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