Johnny Galecki

  1. Nick Stahl, The Thin Red Line, 1998. After a March 1995 reading of auteur Terrence Malik’s first script for 17 years (with Kevin Costner, Lukas Haas, Martin Sheen, etc ), producer Mike Medavoy agreed to a second reading in June at his home – this time with less established (ie, cheaper) actors like Galecki, Johnny Depp, Jeremy Jordon, Will Patton. (Hearing about the read, Brad Pitt dropped by).
  2. Ryan Phillippe, Flags Of Our Fathers, 2006. A dozen years after his Malik experience, Galecki was seen (by director Clint Eastwood) for another major film about the war against Japan. The following year, the Belgian-born actor (Dad was in the USAF) hit stardom in Chuck Lorre’s… 
  3. Jim Parsons, The Big Bang Theory, TV, 2006-2019.   Producer and co-creator Chuck Lorre asked Johnny to be Sheldon – but he prefered Leonard,  among four CalTech physicists more into science (fact and fiction) than girls.  And it lasted a dozen years, making Parsons the world’s highest-paid TV actor… to the tune of $29m.  

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