Jon-Erik Hexum

1. – Larry Wilcox, ChiPs, TV, 1977-83. OK, maybe the American-Norwegian hunk was The Next Big Thing.  Except he had no  wish to start as a California Highway Patrol motorcycle officer.

2. – John Schneider, The Dukes of Hazzard, TV, 1979-85.  Not very keen on Bo Duke either. Schneider lied about his age and his background at his audition – coming on strong as a real, beer-swilling  country boy from Snellville, Georgia!

3. – Michael Nader, Dynasty, TV,  1981-89.  Co-staring with Joan Collins in Making of a Male Model, TV, 1983, wasn’t enough. Hexum lost   Dex Dexter; so did 398 others.  Bored stiff during Cover Up, TV, 1984, he  shot himself in the head as a joke with a prop gun loaded with blanks  – and died. 

 Birth year: 1957Death year: 84Other name: Casting Calls:  3