Jon Heder

1. – DeRay Davis, The Fog, 2004. The Mormon actor refusing any sex scenes was among several young USA TV stars – including, John Cho, Dominic Monaghan Eric Christian Olsen, Kenan Thompson, Wilmer Valderrama – were seen for Brett Spooner until Davis’s test conquered the producers. And, suddenly, Spooner was black. John Carpenter’s 1979 original had a small budget, some imagination and a strong cast, recalled UK critic Philip French. “The new version has a sizable budget, no imagination and a cast of nonentities.”

2. – Chris Gethard, Big Lake, TV, 2010. The famous “creative differences” had Napoleon Dynamite star quitting Will Ferrell’s production for Comedy Central Gethard, of the Upright Citizens Brigade and Saturday Night Live writer became the computer genius moving back to his folks in small-town Pennsylvania – after bankrupting them and his Wall Street employer. 

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