Jonathan Hale

  1. Stanley Andrews, My Gal Sal, 1941.       A Canadian diplomat turned actor (in 247 screen roles) was first signed for the father of songwriter  Paul Dresser. The biopic was supposed to be based on a book by his novelist brother, Theodore Dreiser. Except he never write such a tome. (Yews, their surnames are different). Hale was best known as Dagwood’s boss,  JC Dithers, in the Blondie series, 1937-1946. 
  2. Jerome Cowan, Blondie’s Big Moment, 1946.       Busy character man Cowan had turned up in the 18th film, Blondie Knows Best, as Charles Peabody.   Now he was back as Dagwood’s new boss. Hale’s Mr Dithers sold his business to Cowan’s volatile Mr Radcliffe, who remained The Boss for the next nine comedies. However, JC Dithers kept his place in the comic-strip, never-ending since 1930. Hale also also played 246 other roles – including two Spencer Tracy films plus Hitchcock’s Strangers on a Train when Blondie ended in 1950. Cowan scored 220, two with Bogart in 1940, one when Cowan was Sam Spade’s offed partner, Miles Archer.  
  3. John Banner, The Argyle Secrets, 1947.      The Canadian Hale passed on Winter. Of course, he did. He was always booked for something – in some 247 screen roles (with Tracy and Hepburn, Hitchcock, Bob Hope, Mickey Rooney, even Lassie and Superman!) during 1933-1965. He shot himself in 1966.   Banner, of course, later became the simple Sergeant Hans Georg Schulz in the WWII POW camp containing Hogan’s Heroes, TV, 1965-1971.  In 1966, he shot himself to death at age 74. He had won 247 screen roles during 1934-1965.

 Birth year: 1891Death year: 1966Other name: Casting Calls:  3