Jordan Peele

  1. Fred Armisen, Saturday Night Live, TV, 2008-2012.  Now this takes some believing… Kevin Hart (who’d hosted SNL three times by then), Donald Glover and one of the the 30 Rock writers, Jordan Peele, tested… but  “doing” Barack Obama, to  the Latino Armisen. After 30 sketches, he was (correctly) replaced  by Jay Pharoah).

  2. Wood Harris, Ant-Man, 2014.   “There’s no good audition,” said the TV star of Key & Peele).  “It’s an exquisitely mortifying experience.” Like Ant-Man.  Did he get the part? “The funny thing is, I actually did. But the audition was a nightmare. This was when Edgar Wright was still directing it. It was one of those things where my manager tells me: You got the gig. Just go in there. It’s a done deal. They just want to see you on camera. So I go in there, it’s like four lines. You think you don’t need the script because you studied it so much. I told them: That was shit. That was awful. I apologise. I’ve wasted your time. And then Edgar was, ‘No, no, that was good.’ I guess that’s how Hollywood works now – I had the worst audition of my life.  And I got the role anyway. So, my manager did not lie.” But  Wright was dumped and Peyton Reed helmed the latest chapter of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.  With the tougher-looking Harris as Gale.  Peele then turned  director with succesive and massive hits:  Get Out, 2016, and Us, 2018..  

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