Joyce Mackenzie

  1. Gloria Grahame, Macao, 1950.     Mackenzie and Jane Greer were seen – and dismissed  – by RKOwner Howard Hughes for the Jane Russell-Robert Mitchum “adventure.” Apart from stock-shots, Macao (“a fabulous speck on the Earth’s surface”) was played by Malibu. As the film limped into release in 1952, Joyce was Lex Barker’s fifth Jane in his fifth and final ape-man saga, Tarzan and the She-Devil… ex-Tarzan Meets the Vampire.
  2. Trudy Marshall, The President’s Lady, 1952.        Redwood City’s Mackenie (who made 22 movies with such guys as Bogart, Mitchum,. Stewart and… Tarzan) was first chosen for Jane Donelson, sister of the wife of Andrew Jackson, seventh US president (1829-1837).

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