Julianna Margulies


  1. Marcia Cross, Melrose Place, TV, 1992-1997.  Courteney Cox, Calista Flockhart and Julianna Margilies, were in the mix for Dr Kimberly Shaw – among the hot young adults living in a West Hollywood apartment complexon this new branch of Beverly Hills 90210.  All four soon had bigger hits: Cox in Friends, of course; Cross among the Desperate Housewives; Flockhart as the unforgettable Ally McBeal; while Margulies and Stringfield joined ER.
  2. Kelly Rutherford, The Adventures of Brisco County Jr, TV,  1993-1994.   Before he started casting the  juggERnaut, John Frank Levey tried to get Julianna into Bruce Campbell’s short-lived Western series. “And somehow those producers didn’t see it.“
  3. Christine Harnos, ER, TV, 1994-2002.   Julianna was first seen for  Dr Mark Greene’s wife, Jennifer, before becoming – Nurse Carol (originally, Barb) Hathaway, 1994-2000 – and the only member of the Cook County Hospital team to win an Emmy in  1995.Exec-producer John Wells loved her ER audition. “We cast her as Carol Hathaway, and she’s gone on to have one of the great television careers that any any woman in this generation has had.” Levery cast all 331 epsiodes of ER. “We didn’t do what lots of other franchises did – ER Toledo or ER Boston – we just kept rejuvenating ER Chicago with new and interesting people,” he told Jean Bentley in Hollywood Reporter  for the show’s 25th birthday, 2019. .”The medicine stayed the star, but the characters were new and different as the years went on. So it remained incredibly exciting.“
  4. Jennifer Lopez, Anaconda, 1996.  “Alone among snakes, anacondas are unique. After eating their prey, they regurgitate in order to eat again.”   We learned a lot like this in a creature feature about a woman directing a creature feature (well, an Amazon docu), aided by Jon Voight, Ice Cube, Eric Stoltz, Owen Wilson.   Margulies and fellow TV star Gillian Anderson were in the mix for director Terri Flores.
  5. Joan Allen, Face/Off, 1997.   Turned down  being John Travolta’s doctor wife – just  as she turned down  the idea of her nurse becoming a doctor in ER. (That plot point was resurrected for Maura Tierney, during her 187 episodes, 1999-2008). And indeed, Julianna even refused $27m  to stay in Cook County Hospital.


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