Juliet Harmer

  1. Angela Scoular, A Countess from Hong Kong, 1966.  Angela Scoular, A Countess from Hong Kong, 1966.  For his final movie, a director called Charles Chaplin took his time selecting who was best for the bit role of Young Society Girl.  He saw South African Norma Foster, Juliet Harmer, Penelope Horner and a Goldfinger  Bond Girl Tania Mallet before deciding upon Scoular.   She had a busy 60s, being RADA’’s Juliet (Romeo was Clive Francis), Buttercup in the first Casino Royale (007 was…almost everyone!), Cathy in the BBC’s Wuthering Heights  (Heathcliff was Ian McShane)  and Ruby in the proper 007 film, On Her Majesty[‘s Secret Service. (Bond was… a mistake).
  2. Susan George, The Looking Glass War, 1969.  Battling to play Susan  – added to sex-up John Le Carré’s fourth book – were Susan, Sharon, Juliet Harmer. Penelope Horner. The Lolita-esque Susan won; well, she look fine in her coal blackl undies and  her spy lover (a woefully miscast Christopher Jones) looked a teenager, himself. All that the ten-years-older Sharon had in common with sweet Sue  was her sex – and her initials.


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