Junior Dorkin

  1. Richard Cromwell, This Day and Age, 1933. Although he billed it  as “The FIRST Great Spectacle of Modern Times,”  this is the  forgotten  Cecil B DeMille film –  his only gangster talkie. (Close  to his 1929 demi-talkie, The Godless Girl). Hoodlum Charles Bickford is brought to justice not by honest cops or judges, but by a band of high school students led by Cromwel, 23  – and not earlier choices, Dorkin, 18,  or (at 27, the too old) Franchot Tone.

  2. Eric Linden, Ah, Wilderness! 1934.      A jinxed enterprise… Booked as father and son, Will Rogers and Junior Dorkin, both met sudden deaths. Rogers in a plane crash and, three months earlier, the 19-year-old Dorkin in a car smash. Lionel Barrymore and Linden took over their roles in the Eugene O’Neill story.  

 Birth year: 1915Death year: 1935Other name: Casting Calls:  2