Katie Cassidy


  1. Taylor Schilling, The Lucky One, 2007.    Abbie Cornish was also in  the mix for  Beth – who saved the life of  Zac Efron’s Marine in Iraq. Or, so he believes.
  2. Taylor Swift, Valentine’s Day, 2009.   Memo to Katie: Avoid auditions with chicks called Taylor… The Harper’s Island/Melrose Place blonde auditioned for Felicia. Then, director Garry Marshall saw a certain fast-rising singing sensation from Reading, Pennsylvania. David Cassidy’s daughter was among those up for joining the 21 stars of a Hollywoodian Love Actually – happening on or around February 14. Director Garry Marshall struck gold – then re-made it (badly) as New Year’s Eve in New York.
  3. Rose Huntington-Whitely, Transformers: Dark of the Month, 2010.   The future Arrow and Gossip Girl TV star was in the chase to replace – not the Mikaela role,  but Megan Fox… after her hassles with the franchise director Michael Bay. She compared him to Hitler (and Napoleon) and producer Steven Spielberg told him to fire her. The Victoria’s Secret model became Carly, Shia LaBeouf’s new squeeze. Also considered: Camilla Belle, Brooklyn Decker, Ashley Greene, Lucy Hale, Amber Heard, Julianne Hogue, Anna Kendrick, Miranda Kerr, Blake Lively, Heidi Montag, Bar Refaeli and Sarah Wright.
  4. Charlene Tilton, Dallas, TV, 2011.    Efforts were made since 2002 to reboot the iconic 1978-92 series (and tele-films) for the cinema. Result? This pilot for a new series…. about JR and Bobby’s rival sons… Directors, stars, genres changed: Robert Luketic, Gurinder Chadha quit, Betty Thomas was to shoot a Southfork comedy; Drew Barrymore, Minka Kelly, Catherine Zeta-Jones were named for Pam, James Brolin as Jock and Jane Fonda,Diane Ladd or Shirley MacLaine as Miss Ellie. In 2005, 19-year-old Katie (from another soap, er family drama, 7th Heaven) was set to be Lucy Ewing. But Charlene joined the old-timers returning to Southfork Ranch.




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